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  • Lock down 2020

    I’m sure everyone is in the same boat to some degree, it’s been a strange time for all of us.

    All the talk of mental health has been inspiring and also heartbreaking to read. I can only imagine what people are going through.

    Recently I’ve been wanting to do some more artwork that carries a message with it or at least has more of a solid concept. So the artwork in this post is exactly that.

    I didn’t want to jump on any mental health band wagon, in reality I’ve suffered with mental health issues since my early teens. I’ve found coping mechanisms that keep my head level but in the last 15 years I’ve had two episodes which have left my thought processes paralysed.

    I’m lucky, I have a great family around me and very supportive friends and work colleagues but some people don’t.

    This is the first image in response to the topic but I plan to do few more, I’m also busy planning some other works with topics I’d like to tackle. As for the concept behind it, I feel like it’s layered the feeling of discomfort is clear in the expression but I’d like to leave the rest up to everyone else to interpret.

    Stay safe

  • 2019
    Inky Pinky
    Inky Pinky – zoom 1
    Inky Pinky – zoom 2
    Inky Pinky – zoom 3
    Drippy man
    Drippy man – zoom 1
    Drippy man – zoom 2
    death of summer
    death of summer – zoom 1
    death of summer – zoom 2
    Yellow fighter
    Snake trio with bubbles
    Spaceman mk2
    Son of a beach
  • Sweet sweet self indulgence
    I feel like I’ve been all over the place with my illustration recently, I’m exploring all different styles and experimenting more than ever with colour. By day I spend 90% of my time using 3D software and working with sculpture do when I come home I really feel like I want to let go and explore. This is another example of my head spinning off in to different directions, no rhyme or reason just the first thing that came out of my pencil. Old wormy head…. enjoy!
  • Dogs of war – Cerberus
    So back when I was at art school I became a bit obsessed with mythology and the characters that are widely written about. I started making a series of screen prints (which have been added to my portfolio page) based on characters that I was drawing at the time. This version of Cerberus came much later around 2009 and was originally a couple of different shades of blue with a gold leaf dog in the middle. Just recently I’ve managed to go back and find the original PSD that I worked on nearly 10 years ago and bring it up to speed for my latest social media campaign. I always loved this image and never felt it got enough attention.
  • Humility
    Life got busy again recently but I found some time to draw this guy and have a play with some different colour combinations. I’ve named it “humility” because of everything going on with mars and the idea of a one way ticket some day to potentially populate and sacrifice a normal life here on earth. I drew the cross upside down by mistake and decided to research what that actually means and loved that has routes in humility and self sacrifice.