After years of doodling as a child i started to take my interest in art more seriously in my early teens, i attended college where i studied Art and then furthered my passion at Art College where i gained a distinction in Illustration at foundation level. My next step was to move away and attend an University course in Illustration. This was where i finally found what i had been looking for and from around 2004 onwards i started to polish my drawings and learn new skills to make them more presentable and adapt them to new processes like Photoshop and Illustrator.

I spent a lot of time designing gig posters and exploring my interests in mythology for the first part of my time at University, i then got a real buzz for screen printing and started designing everything with that in mind. My style developed over the years in lots of different directions which is why i find it hard to determine one particular style that people recognise as me.

After leaving University i joined a small run printing company where my commitment to illustration started to taper and unfortunately life began to get in the way. It wasn’t until around 2012 when i joined Pangolin Editions that my passion for creativity restarted and since that point on and off i have stated to complete new work.

My role now is to develop the digital side of Pangolin and i’ve had the pleasure of learning a vast amount of software and hardware which has only enriched my knowledge of digital processes. I’ve become very meticulous and very methodical with client values at the core of my work flow.

I’m very fortunate to work in an environment surrounded by high end art and fast paced delivery of projects, i have worked with some great people and learnt a lot. I feel like my illustration is in its infancy and with a brilliant knowledge of 3D i feel like my portfolio will start to develop in harmony with a digital world.